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If a leaky wall or floor is moistening or flooding your cellar, bugs are accompanying the flow of water or both, you need waterproofing from an affordable, trusted waterproofing contractor: Dilcon Construction Incorporated. We believed in providing premium basement waterproofing service for a reasonable price.

Family-Owned and -Operated since 2005
  • Not all basement waterproofing contractors are created equal. Some will push heavy-handed sales tactics on you to get you to buy a generic system. Others will have a variety of other systems available but will do incomplete or slipshod work. Still others will treat you like a number.
  • We believe in the sanctity of a free written estimate sealed with a trustworthy handshake. Because we put your needs first, we'll discuss several possible options and, working with you, select the option that will work best for you.
We'll Go the Extra Mile
  • We provide real 24/7 emergency services in addition to our flexible scheduling options.
  • Our 15 employees, which include two teams led by fully trained and experienced foremen, are completely committed to the excellence of not only our workmanship but also our customer service.
  • You'll never feel as if you're dealing with a slick salesman when you hire us. As dependable and professional waterproofing contractors, we'll make sure the job runs as smoothly as possible as we dry out your basement.
  • Even if we have to correct the faulty installation of previous equipment while sealing your basement, we always strive to do the job right the first time.
  • Our chief goal is to provide permanent solutions to ongoing problems, and we offer a wide variety of high-quality products to achieve it.
  • Our initial consultations and written estimates are free and carry no obligation; however, we'll credit the cost of any emergency services toward further basement work should you request it.

If you would like to ask a question regarding crawl space sealing, digging out basements, pressure release systems or mold removal, contact a basement waterproofing expert from Dilcon Construction.

We Can Handle Almost Any Water Problem

From dealing with underground streams to basements that sit below the water table, we at Dilcon Construction have the know-how and experience to tackle the job with aplomb. The "fully trained" salesmen of other companies may be able to sell their products, but they seldom think outside the box when devising solutions to people's water problems. Their stock solutions might work occasionally, but, more often than not, they come up short. Many homes have unique problems with seeping water, and these require unusual, or even clever, answers.

In contrast to franchises that change hands every so often, we are family-owned and -operated. Along with our uncompromising dedication to providing high quality basement waterproofing, this differentiates us from the pack and puts us in a position to lead the way. We've completed more difficult jobs than some companies have even attempted.

You'll be dry, happy and satisfied.

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